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grow_food's Journal

Organic gardens and smallholdings, and reclaiming
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A community dedicated to education as to how to produce your own food and tools.
This is a new community here on LJ for those who are interested in learning about the following topics:

* growing your own organic food.
* reclaiming disused land for food production
* running a smallholding or allotment
* swapping vegetable and fruit seeds
* links to websites, news articles and comms of probable interest to members
* ecologically friendly ways of preparing food (building solar ovens, etc).
* survival skills relating to food, water and shelter.

Novices and experts and everyone in-between, all over the world, can join, chat and discuss. The community is run with the ethos that even if you only have a windowsill, you can grow some herbs in pots! There is no excuse not to add some homegrown food to your diet! Imagine, if every person in the world grew just some of thier own food! It might not entirely stave off world hunger, but it would have a noticable effect!

Why not, like the people in Todmorden, England (see http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/highlights/Todmorden-sows--the-seeds.4103427.jp), start planting up disused land and grass verges with hardy things like rasberry canes? Start a community gardening scheme in your town or village?

Lets save money, learn to feed ourselves instead of relying on suspect GM food in a plastic packet from a superstore, have fun, and get back to nature!

This community will NOT permit
* off topic posts (see the interests lists for what is pretty much "on topic"!)
* rudeness or being nasty to any other member
* profane language
* being cruel to animals. (we may discuss raising animals for food, but they still have to be treated with kindness!)
* selling items (this is not a community for capitalism!)
* posts blatantly encouraging the use of pesticides on food, or genetic engineering.

Oh, and one other thing, it would be helpful if we all tag our posts for future reference!