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Keeping extra seeds?

What do you do with extra seeds/eyes? I plan to plant all of my tomatoes and give away the extras as gifts, but for things like potatoes, corn, broccoli, bell peppers, etc.. what do you do with the extras? How do you keep them, if you do?
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I save my seeds from year to year. I have to admit that I'm not terribly careful about storage, I keep the seeds in the original packets, stapled shut, on a shelf in the basement. My leftovers are always used up the next year, and germination doesn't seem to suffer much.
It hasn't become a problem for me yet. But this year I do plan to start extras and swap a few plants with friends.
if you mean from purchased seeds, i just keep in brown paper bag in original wrappers, usually with a rubber band about them.

if you mean for seeds saved from produce from garden, that is something i wonder myself! it will obviously be way way way more seeds than i need [and i do use heirloom and not hybrid seeds for things so i know the produce will breed true, or true enough] and i do sometimes wonder what i will do with t hem. for now, ive just been saving about half the seeds and being lazy with the rest, giving them to friends when they want them, but even then it's too much. need to figure this out =) randomly hand out seeds to passersby?
Most seeds remain viable at least 3 to 5 years, so I just save them in their original packets, or in paper bags for seed I've harvested myself.
I keep some of the leftovers for myself and give away the seeds as swaps and gifts. :)

I keep them in their original packages/envelopes.